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B-4B-4 – From the StarTrek universe.B-4 (played by Brent Spiner) first appeared in the film ‘StarTrek Nemesis’ (2002).
B-4 was the first android to be built by Dr Soong. Unfortunately, B-4’s positronic brain is somewhat less than perfect.

The antagonist in the film, Praetor Shinzon of Remus, re-programmes B-4 to obtain tactical information on the Starship Enterprise and its
crew, and to lure Captain Picard to Romulus.
Picard, Worf and Data duly find B-4’s parts on Kolarus III and reassemble the android.

Data tries to enlighten his defective older brother by copying most of his memories into B-4’s positronic matrix; but sadly it seems, to no avail.

Data dies in the film! at the end of which, B-4 is heard to hum one of Data’s tunes, suggesting
that B-4 may someday overcome its incapacity.

B-4 younger brothers are Lore and Data.

A good source of information on B-4 is Memory Alpha Wiki

B-9B-9 – A class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control robot from the classic USA TV series ‘Lost in Space’ (1965–1968), Irwin Allen Productions.The crew of the spaceship rarely mentioned the robots full title, just referring to it as “Robot”.
Robot B9 had enormous strength, exhibited vast knowledge and could even pilot the Jupiter 2 spaceship when needed.
B9 was a firm pal of young Will Robinson and was able to detect danger and use powerful weapons to protect the Robinson family.

Bob May was the actor inside the robot and Dick Tufeld was the voice of the Robot. In my opinion B-9 was definitely the star of the show.

You can purchase a full size replica of this robot here.

“Danger Will Robinson” 

Batteries Not IncludedBatteries Not Included – A sci-fi film produced in 1987 by Steven Spielberg and turned into a novel by Wayland Drew.Two cute little saucer shaped alien mechanical life-forms take up residence in an apartment block in a run down area of a large city. Unfortunately, the tenants are being forced to move out by developers so that it can be demolished.
The alien ‘Fix Its’ start helping themselves to junk, to repair themselves and to make a nest; for everything they take, they fix something for the humans.
Flotsom Jetsom WheemsThe two original ‘Fix Its’ have three baby ‘Fix Its’ named Wheems, Jetsom and Flotsom. At the end of the film thousands of ‘Fix Its’ appear and rebuild the tenement block.
The picture of the ‘kids’ is copyright of MT Meyer Studio.
BenderBender Bending Rodriguez – Designated Bending Unit 22.
A robot character from the TV series Futurama. Created by Matt Groening and David Cohen.This metal girder bending robot was built in Tijuana, Mexico in AD2997 by Mom’s Friendly Robot Company. He is made of Iron-Osmium Alloy, a 6502 processor in his head and is about 4 years old!

He’s a foul mouthed pathological liar who doesn’t care who he offends; he only looks out for number one. His favourite thing to do apart from smoking cigars and drinking is stealing.
Bender drinks alcohol to keep his fuel cells charged and to get very drunk, otherwise he is completely uncontrollable. Bender is voiced by John DiMaggio; “Bite my shiny metal ass!”.
See my list of Futurama Robots.

Take a look inside bender.        Bender Wiki.       Bender in the Futurama Infosphere.

AndrewBicentennial Man – The main character in a story by Isaac Asimov published in 1976. The story was subsequently turned into a novel called ‘The Positronic Man’ by Asimov and Robert Silverberg in 1993.
‘Bicentennial Man’, the film, was directed by Chris Columbus, and appeared in 1999.Bicentennial Man is a happy/sad story of a positronic android called Andrew (played by Robin Williams) made by NorthAm Robotics (NDR). Due to a freak accident, Andrew is the only sentient robot on the planet.

The story unfolds over 200 years, from the time Andrew is purchased by a family, through a period of understanding of what it is to be human (including falling in love), to installing synthetic human parts and wanting human rights; including the right to die!
[A familiar story i.e. the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz, the story of Pinocchio, Data in Star Trek – all wanting to be human.]

Galatea is the name of a female Android (Gynoid) also seen throughout the film, but not sentient like Andrew. Wikipedia link for more information.

Bishop – An android (synthetic human 341B) in the sci-fi film ‘Aliens’, 1986.Contact has been lost with the colony on LV-426. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation send Ripley, Bishop and a squad of colonial marines aboard the USS Sulaco to investigate. After destroying the colony and escaping the explosion Ripley and Bishop they find they have the Alien queen aboard! Bishop is badly damaged by the Alien queen but manages to save Ripley.

See also Ash from the first ‘Alien’ film.

Black Hole RobotsBlack Hole Robots –  Black Hole is a 1979 Walt Disney film directed by Gary Nelson .
The film featured hovering robots: V.I.N.Cent and his battered friend B.O.B (below) up against a nasty bully robot called Maximilian.

Also in the film we see a hoard of sinister black sentinel soldiers and worker cyborgs, created from the ships crew by a crazy Dr. Reinhardt. They are all on-board the U.S.S Cygnus, keeping station just outside the event horizon of a black hole!

Leon Rachael Pris Roy Batty ZhoraBlade Runner – A 1982 Cult film directed by Ridley Scott. Inspired by and loosely based on the book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ by Philip. K. Dick.The film features powerful human genetic constructs called replicants, manufactured by the Tyrell Corporation to fight wars and do menial tasks off-world. This type of replicant, Nexus-6, have a built in lifespan of four year as a fail-safe, and are banned from earth.
Four arrive in 2019 AD Los Angeles. A Blade Runner (genetic crime fighter) is brought out of retirement to hunt and destroy Leon, Pris, Roy Batty and Zhora (the returned replicants).
, Tyrell’s assistant, is a special replicant who believes she is human.

Other genetic constructs seen in the film are Tyrell’s white owl and Sebastian’s toys: Little Kaiser Wilhelm and Napoleon bear.

Although replicants are not really robots or androids, I just had to include Blade Runner for the book title if nothing else.

Black Hole RobotsB.O.B – (BiO-sanitation Battalion) – From the Walt Disney film Black Hole.In the film, B.O.B is depicted as an abused old-timer robot.
Abused that is, by the evil robots of the U.S.S Cygnus.
When V.I.N.Cent and his crew-mates are threatened, B.O.B helps, only to be damaging beyond repair by the evil robot, Maximilian.

Slim Pickens voiced B.O.B.

Boiler PlateBoilerPlate – A Victorian Robot circa 1893;  or is it?
According to this website, Boilerplate was a mechanical man developed during the 1880s, and unveiled at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893…
Love the concept Paul and the site. Check it out for yourselves 😉Website here.

Thanks to Paul Guinan.


Dark StarBomb 20 – An Intelligent ‘Thermo-Stellar device’ from the cult sci-fi film Dark Star.  Produced by John Carpenter and Dan O’Bannon in 1974.The film is about a space ship and crew whose mission is to locate habitable planetary systems and make them safe by destroying any rogue unstable planets. Destruction is achieved using one of the ship’s 20 intelligent ‘Thermo-Stellar’ bombs.

The crew of the Spaceship ‘Dark Star’ are stir crazy, having been in space for three years (there relative time) and with the captain cryogenically frozen (but still available for a chat!), the ship is in desperate need of repair, and with only one bomb left, the mission is nearing its end.
A glitch causes the ships computer (called “Mother”) to falsely order Bomb 20 to prepare for detonation! the order is countermanded by acting captain Doolittle and the bomb returns to the bomb bay. However, on the third  false order from “Mother”, bomb 20 decides it’s not going to return to the bomb bay this time but instead wishes to fulfil its destiny and explode!  The crew, somehow, need to convince Bomb 20 to disarm itself…
The moral of this story is – don’t give a bomb A.I.

The BorgBorg – Collectively known as ‘The Borg’. First appeared in the TV sci-fi series ‘Star Trek 2nd Generation’ (actually series 2, 1989). They have also appeared in ‘Voyager’ and the film ‘First Encounter’.The Borg are a ‘collective’ of cybernetic beings, usually humanoid in appearance. Augmentations are added during an assimilation process which includes sub-space neural connectivity to all other Borg. This connectivity is called the ‘hive mind’.
The Borg are actually cyborgs, not robots or androids. Perhaps this is the ultimate destiny of humankind! Wikipedia link
Box - A to Z of RobotsBox – from the film ‘Logan’s Run’ 1976
In a perfect world where no-one is allowed to live past the age of 30, Logan (played by Michael York) and a beautiful girl called Jessica (played by Jenny Agutter), do a runner!
During their escape they meet ‘Box’ (played by Roscoe Lee Browne), a half human, half robot fusion.Box is a sort of robot food processor, programmed to freeze any food that arrives in his icy cave. The supply of fish, plankton, sea greens and protein dried up long ago, so for job satisfaction, Box prepares and freezes runners!

“Overwhelming am I not” 

Bubo the owlBubo – The all knowing, all seeing, mechanical owl created by Hephaestus in the 1981 film ‘Clash of the Titans’; a film based loosely on Greek mythology.
Athena is commanded by Zeus to give Perseus her real owl, Bubo. Not wishing to part with her magical friend, Athena asks Hephaestus to build a mechanical replica instead.
Robot Bubo guides Perseus throughout his many battles including taking on the Kraken sea monster all by himself.Bubo mechanical or real does not exist in Greek mythology, rather the owl symbol is the manifestation of Athena herself.

Interestingly, the name Bubo is taken from one of the genus of the many species of owl.

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