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Robots Beginning with C C-3PO – From the ‘Star Wars’ universe.3PO series humanoid protocol droids where manufactured by Cybot Galactica.Early Star Wars films depicted C-3PO as a shiny gold skinned android with a little side-kick called R2-D2. However, C-3PO was not always this way.The fourth film ‘The Phantom Menace’, introduces the beginning of the Star Wars saga in which we see a wrecked 3PO unit being rebuilt by a young Anakin Skywalker, living with his mother on the planet Tatooine.The character of C-3PO was played by Anthony Daniels; once ‘skinned’ that is.See Star Wars Wiki.
Cadbury’s Smash ‘robots’ – Funny little ‘Martians’ that laughed at us humans for eating real potatoes! They starred in the Cadbury’s Smash (powdered mashed potatoes) advertisement, created by BMP UK advertising agency in 1974.Not  referred to as robots, but as far as I’m concerned they are robotic little guys (perhaps they where Martian robots ).Chris Stocker, a graphic designer in Bath recently recreated the little guys in 3D (as the originals are beginning to fall apart!).
Chris kindly sent me some pictures – here’s one…Thanks to Chris and lots of other people for sending images.
The complete advert is available on YouTube.On your last trip did you discover what the earth people eat?”
Calculon – A robot character from the animated TV series Futurama.
Calculon is a standard industrial robot who has become a famous actor in a long running show called ‘All My Circuits’.
Calculon was also one time president of the ‘League of Robots’.See the list of Futurama Robots.
Issac Asimov's CalibanCaliban (CBN-001) – Is a robot featured in the Sc-Fi novel ‘Isaac Asimov’s Caliban by Roger MacBride Allen, 1993.Caliban is an experimental robot, created without Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics.
Rather than a positronic brain which is always governed by the three laws, Caliban has a newer ‘gravitonic’ brain, designed to allow any set of rules to be implemented.Caliban is special in that it has no laws and must find its own moral code. This is all complicated by roboticist, Fredda Leving being assaulted by what appears to be a robot! – impossible, they say…
Chani –  An ‘indestructible’ lumbering robot in the British film ‘Devil Girl From Mars’ (1954).A sexy female Martian crash lands on Earth (on the Scottish moors to be precise). A woman without mercy, her mission is to abduct males for breeding back on Mars!
Chani, her robot bodyguard, was constructed by Jack Whitehead.For more information on the film see Wikipedia.
Chopfyt – A
Cog – An experimental platform for machine interaction with the real world. Cog was the brainchild of Professor Rodney Brookes at the MIT (Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology) USA in 1994.
Cog was coined from the word ‘cognition’ meaning ‘acquiring of knowledge’. From cognitum – to understand, to learn.colossusColossus – from the 1958 sci-fi B movie ‘The Colossus of New York’.Not really a robot but a cyborg similar to RoboCop. A scientist father transplants his brilliant dead son’s brain into a rather large and ugly robot body! Jeremy, the son, eventually loses his humanity and the cyborg somehow gains mind control and death ray eyes and goes on the rampage…
Crash Test Dummies –  (Not the band!)A group of vinyl and rubber, sensor rich, mannequins that have selfishly saved thousands of lives by being accident-prone!
Crash dummies provide vital crash impact information that enable designers to produce  safer cars, planes, prams, etc. for us humans.There are specialist versions like ‘SID‘, used for side-impact testing and even virtual dummies that only exist inside a computer.
There are rumours that the ‘Aliens’ found at Roswell were actually crash test dummies.Humanetics for more information.
A to Z of Robots - CrichtonCrichton – From the US sci-fi TV series, ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th century’. 1979–1981. Crichton is an highly intelligent robot with a superior attitude, who finds it inconceivable that anything human had a hand in his creation!
on board the starship Searcher. In the show, Crichton often states that he is a superior being!Crichton was voiced by Jeff Davis and designed by John Mantley as a radio controlled robot on wheels, able to move head, neck and arms.See a clip of Crichton from the episode ‘Time of the Hawk’ on YouTube.Another robot in the TV series was Twiki.
A to Z of Robots - CubixCubix – Featured in the children’s animated TV series Cubix 2001. Originally created by Cinepix of South Korea. Merchandise includes a number of robot toys.
Cubix on YouTubeIn the year 2044 a little boy named Connor moves to Bubble Town which just happens to be where RobixCorp makes all the robots. Each robot has a unique personality due to its EPU (Emotional Processing Unit) and all are powered by Solex?
As you can imagine there are many, many robots in Bubble Town!
The main robot characters are:
Cerebrix – Is bipedal but has no arms. He can fly using an hidden propeller in his head. He can tap into any communications system and has predictive analysis of events.
Cubix – The unfixable robot that Connor fixes becomes the main character.
Dondon – Is a small, shy but playful, hovering robot with a videophone in his belly.
Kan-it – Is a bipedal robot with magnetic powers and speaks in a British cockney accent.
Maximix – Uses a unicycle propulsion system and can transform into a go-kart.Dr K’s protagonist robots include:
Kilobot – An evil robot designed to absorb the data from other robots (like a vampire, I suppose) and copy the powers of those absorbed. Kilobot is Cubix’s arch enemy.
Klank – Dr K’s first robot built without an EPU but ultimately gets one.
Kolossal – An evil unintelligent big brute of a robot.
Kontraption – An enormous robot blimp serves as Dr K’s headquarters.
Krab – A Crab like robot sporting various weapons.
Katastrophe – A dual-bot whose top half can fly and bottom half runs on a unicycle.
Kannon – An artillery robot with a body of cannons.
Klawber – Is a super-fast plane that flies through the air.
Kulminator – A massive Solex collector tower that was destroyed by Cubix.
Zombots – Dr. K’s army of  regenerating robots.
Curiosity –  NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (rover) – named by Clara Ma, a 12-year-old from Lenexa, Kansas.
Curiosity was launched aboard a spacecraft on November 2011 and landed on Mars in August 2012. The space-faring robot is designed to last one Martian year (2 Earth years).Curiosity is 3 metres wide by 9 metres long by 2.7 metres tall, and has a camera mast that stands a further 2.1metres. The rover is also equipped with a sophisticated robotic arm that has a reach of up to 2.1metres!
Each of the rovers six wheels are 0.5 metres wide.The robot can blast rocks with a laser powerful enough to excite a pinhead-size spot into a glowing, ionized gas. The Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument on the rover observes and analyses the spectrum of light to identify the chemical elements in the target.The rover uses a nuclear battery (minimum lifetime of 14 years) to power its on-board systems instead of the solar arrays used by its predecessors on Mars; the rovers Spirit, Opportunity and the first – Sojourner.Curiosity was lowered to the surface of Mars by a flying robot called Sky Crane.
Sky Crane used rocket thrusters for stabilisation and once it deposited the rover, flew to a safe distance and crash landed.Watch on YouTube
Papercraft model
Cybermen –  created for the BBC ‘Doctor Who’ UK TV series by Dr. Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis in 1966.Cybermen are cyborg and come from the planet Mondas, a planet that apparently existed in our solar system a long long time ago. Initially humanoid, the inhabitants of Mondas replaced various body parts with robotic implants, thus losing their soul/self. Cybermen reproduce by converting other humanoids into faithful copies of themselves.
The Cybermen appeared alongside the first Dr Who in ‘The Tenth Planet‘ and has since reappeared in several other Dr Who adventures.Wikipedia link.
Cylons – Cyborgs from the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ TV series 1978/80 and subsequent films.
Andrew Probert designed the original Cylons.”Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last Battlestar – Galactica, leads a ragtag, fugitive fleet, on a lonely quest; to find the planet known as Earth.”
The character ‘Apollo’ explained the Cylons best –
“They’re not like us. They’re machines created by living creatures a long, long time ago; a race of reptiles called Cylons.
After a while the Cylons discovered humans were the most practical form of creature in this system. So they copied our bodies, but they built them bigger and stronger than we are. And they can exchange parts so they can live forever; there are no more real Cylons. They died off thousands of yahrens (years) ago, leaving behind a race of super-machines, but we still call them Cylons”.
There are various types of Cylon depending on the older/newer TV series or films!
Cylon Centurions are robots designed to be humanoid in appearance.
A Cylon Raider initially had a crew of Centurions. However, from 2003, the Cylon Raiders are depicted as having a biological ‘brain’, so are cyborg in nature. Their capital ships, called BaseStars, are cybernetic too.
“By your command”.  Wikipedia link and Battlestar Wiki  for more information.
A to Z of Robots
Robots Beginning with C


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