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Robots Beginning with E
E Series robots from Honda – From left to right E0, E2 and E6.
Honda engineers began developing robot legs that would simulate human walking in 1986.
The ‘legs’ platform became known as the E series (E0 to E6).
Over the next 7 years Honda developed head, body and arms, when in 1993, the P series was revealed to the world; Prototype P1 being the first true humanoid robot (Android).   Wikipedia.
ED-209 – First appeared in the film RoboCop, 1987.The Enforcement Droid Series 209 is armed with three cannons and a missile launcher on its ‘arms’.In the first film the ED-209 robot was part of a duel program to develop law enforcement units. The other line of development being the RoboCop cyborg.
During a demonstration, ED-209 malfunctions and kills a member of the OCP board. This results in the RoboCop series being chosen. Later in the film we see RoboCop destroy the ED-209 robot.
ED-209 appears again in RoboCop 2 and in RoboCop 3,  where ED-209 is turned against its makers.For more information visit Wikipedia. and  YouTube
Make your own papercraft model of ED-209. Great design by Julius Perdana.

Edison Talking DollEdison’s Talking Doll – Invented in 1877 and sold in 1890 by the Edison Phonographic Toy Manufacturing Company.

The doll contained a hand cranked wax cylinder measuring 3″ in diameter and 5/8″ wide, on which was a six-second recording of a nursery rhyme. The doll stands 22″ high and weighs four pounds, with a metal body, articulated wooden limbs, and an imported Simon and Halbig #719 bisque head.

Good write up here.

EG4_EG6 StarwarsEG series Power Droids – From the ‘Star Wars’ universe.
Power droids manufactured by Veril Line Systems.
EG Power droids are low intelligence fusion reactors, designed to provide various power levels to equipment as diverse as spaceships and droids.EG-4  1.5 metre tall Power droid.
EG-6  1 metre tall and seen at the Lars farm on Tatooine.Sometimes erroneously referred to as the ‘Gonk’ droids. See GNK power droids.See Star Wars Wiki
 Elektro – An aluminium, 2.5-metre-tall humanoid robot, created by J.M Barnett of Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1937 and presented to the world at the 1939 New York Worlds Fair.Elektro later appeared as ‘Sam Thinko’ in a comedy film called ‘Sex Kittens go to College’ (1960)!Although Elektro was externally controlled via wire, the robot appeared to be voice controlled by a presenter.
Elektro answered questions in a pre-scripted monosyllabic speech, recorded on a 78 rpm gramophone record! The robot could also blow a balloon, smoke a cigarette and actually walk, albeit with one leg stiff!Incidentally, Elektro also had a doggy friend called ‘Sparko‘.

See Elektro in action on YouTube and see inside Elektro.
For even more information visit Jack Weeks website, archived here.

Ernie_Money_boxERNIE’S Lucky Bond Box – A ceramic robot money box created as the personification of E.R.N.I.E the computer system that draws the UK Premium Bond numbers each month. This ceramic money box was spotted at the London Science Museum and photographed by Geni.The ceramic robot ‘sits’ about 15cm tall and has gold detail with the money retrieval hole at the back.

EV Series Droids – From the ‘Star Wars’ universe.
Flawed supervisory droids manufactured by MerenData Corp.

Known ‘Eve’  variants are:
EV-4D9    A malicious torturer droid.
EV-A4-D  Medical droid with sadistic tendencies (shown).
EV-7G7   Complacent bar tender!
EV-9D9   Another sadistic supervisor.

Eve suggests these evil droids are female!

See Star Wars Wiki

EveR is a series of female gynoids being developed by the South Korean Institute of Industrial Technology (Kitech). The EveRobot project, began in 2003, currently comprises:EveR-1 is a gynoid designed to resemble a Korean girl in her early 20s with a humanoid face that offers 15 facial expressions to mimic emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise. The android can also recognise 400 Korean and English spoken words.EveR-2 Muse is an improved version of the previous model was unveiled at Robot World 2006, where it sang the Korean ballad “I Will Close My Eyes For You” during the opening ceremony.EveR-3 was demonstrated in 2009 and is capable of rolling along on wheels

EveR-4 appeared in 2012. This gynoid reportedly has an artificial tongue and 30 head motors for expression. This model stands on legs but cannot walk.

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Robots Beginning with E


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