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Robots Beginning with F Flexo – from the TV animation ‘Futurama’. Flexo is a bending unit almost identical in appearance, voice and personality to Bender; except, that is, for a small metal goatee beard. Flexo appears to be Benders ‘evil twin’ but in all his appearances, he turns out to be a good guy!

See the list of Futurama Robots below.

Flotsom – One of three cute little offspring of the ‘Fix its’ in the film Batteries Not included.

Kids from left to right are: Jetsom Wheems and Flotsom.

The picture of the ‘kids’ is copyright of MT Meyer Studio.

Frankenstein’s Monster – From the book by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, initially published anonymously, in 1818. Lots of films ensued from 1910 onwards.

Not a robot, not even a cyborg, Mary Shelley’s monster was actually constructed from dead tissue and given life by Dr Frankenstein with the aid of a few volts from a passing lightning storm (perhaps a Zombie, then).

Mary Shelley ultimately had the creation destroy the creator, thus setting some sort of robot fictional trend! and that’s why its included here.
The picture above is of the frontispiece to the revised edition of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, published by Colburn and Bentley, London 1831.

More information can be found on Wikipedia of course.

Futurama Robots – Are featured in the TV animation ‘Futurama’, created and produced by Matt Groening, copyrighted by 20th Century FOX and Curiosity Company.

The first Futurama episode ‘Space Pilot 3000’ (1999), saw Fry awakening from a cryogenic deep freeze in the year 3000. Fry becomes friendly with a degenerate robot called Bender and a cyclops named Leela. Fry’s great, great, great… nephew, Professor Farnsworth, hires the three to work in his intergalactic delivery service.
As you would expect, the future is riddled with robots mainly produced by ‘MomCorp’.

Here are some of the storyline bots:
Belle – The daughter of ‘The Donbot’
Bender One of the stars of the show. Bender is a bending unit and Fry’s friend.
Boxy –
  A crude robot sometimes seen in the company of Calculon.
Calculon Famous Actor robot.
Clamps (Francis X. Clampazzo) –
A member of the Robot Mafia.
Coilette –
Benders feminine side! Bender temporarily changes into a fembot to win a race.
Crushinator –
The adopted robot daughter of a human farmer on the moon.
Donbot Boss of the Robot Mafia and married to Fanny.
Fanny –
An erotic dancer bot, married to ‘The Donbot’.
Flexo  –
A bending unit like Bender but different!
Hedonismbot – Is a golden robot that follows the philosophy of pleasure above all else.
IHawk – A doctor bot, Switches between funny and unhappy. Parody of Hawkeye in ‘M.A.S.H’
Joey Mousepad – A member of the Robot Mafia.
Junior –
Rumored son of Bender and Crushinator!
Malfunctioning Eddie –
  A robot that runs a hovercar dealership and explodes under stress.
Nannybot – An evil looking fembot for looking after babies, who seem to love her!
Officer URL – An enthusiastic robot police officer in the New New York Police Department.
Reverend Lionel Preacherbot – is a preacher at the Temple of Robotology,
Roberto – is a criminally insane robot who likes stabbing things!
Robot Devil – is the ruler of Robot Hell and the punisher for the church of Robotology.
Robot Santa – Distributes presents or punishments. Due to a bug, its always the latter!
The Gypsy-Bot – is a carnival fortune-telling fembot who is always demanding money.
Tinny Tim  is an ill-fated orphan-bot with a crutch.

All the above and more can be found or searched for at the Futurama Infosphere.

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