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Robots Beginning with GGalatea – The female android (Gynoid) in the film Bicentennial Man (1999).
In the film Galatea was a non-sentient robot assistant to Rupert Burns, the son of the original NorthAm Robotics (NDR) chief designer and who is helping Andrew Martin to become more human.

Incidentally, Galatea is an ancient Greek name meaning ‘she who is milk-white’ and was the name given to an ivory statue sculpted by Pygmalion (Greek mythology). The statue was turned into a real woman by the goddess Venus and Pygmalion then married her.

Gang of Five (Worlds most Wanted) – refers to the boxed set of wind-up mini replicas of Masudaya’s famed ‘Gang of Five’ toy robots.
The small replicas from left to right are; Sonic Robot, Target Robot, Machine Man, Lavender Robot and Radicon Robot.

The originals where sold separately and stood about 40cm tall. All where battery operated (two or three ‘D’ size batteries).

The originals are highly sought after and valuable! example
See also Tin Plate Toys.

George – One of the UK’s earliest humanoid robots, was created by Pilot Officer Tony Sale in 1950. Tony actually made several ‘Georges’, the one shown here was built using scrap aluminium from a damaged Wellington bomber and various Meccano parts.
This George was 2 metres tall and could walk, move his head and arms, and even sit down! George was remote controlled by a valve radio.

George can still be seen at the UK National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.

In later years it was Tony Sale who drove the campaign to save Bletchley Park, the home of the code breaking Colossus, the first modern computer.

Mr Sale also helped found the UK National Museum of Computing. And still had time to rebuild George! Sadly! Tony Sale died aged 80 in 2012.

For more information check out this Wikipedia link: George

Gigantor – from the Japanese TV anime Called Tetsujin 28-go (artwork by Mitsuteru Yokoyama). The westernised version created by Fred Ladd, being Gigantor.

Gigantor was a jet-propelled flying robot created by a deceased Dr. Sparks.
Dr Sparks 12 year old son, Jimmy Sparks, lived with his uncle Dr. Bob Brilliant. It was Jimmy who remotely controlled the robot to assist secret agent Dick Strong and inspector ‘Ignatz.J.Blooper’ of the Japanese police to fight crime and aliens in the year 2000.


 Gog – One of two robots controlled by a supercomputer in the film ‘Gog’ (1954).

Scientists working on induced hibernation for space travel are killed.
Security agent Sheppard arrives at the secret underground space research base to investigate possible sabotage.
He finds that the whole base is controlled by a supercomputer called NOVAC (Nuclear Operative Variable Automatic Computer) and its robots – Gog and Magog.

Incidentally, ‘Gog’ and ‘Magog’ are mentioned in the bible; (Ezekiel’s visions 38:10-12); “There would be an evil king named Gog who ruled over a northern territory called Magog…”.

For more infromation on the film visit  Wikipedia

Golem – In Jewish folklore a Golem is an artificial humanoid created from the earth to do the bidding of its creator. Golems are usually powerful silent creatures.

The most famous Golem story is that of ‘The Golem of Prague’. In this legend the Rabbi Yehuda Loew ben Bezalel, also known as the Maharal of Prague, creates a man out of clay to defend the Jews of the Prague Ghetto. This legend appeared in 1580.


Goliath – A wire controlled remote demolition vehicle developed in Germany during WWII. Not an autonomous robot per se, but perhaps the beginnings of a terminator!!

The German name for this tracked land mine, packed with Leichter Ladungsträger Goliath(Sd.Kfz. 302/303a/303b) (Lightweight Carrier). The vehicle was powered by either an electric motor or later a petrol engine. Size varied as the war progressed but was approximately 1.2 metre long, 0.6 metre wide, and 0.3 metre high.

The device was nicknamed the Beetle tank by the allies.

For more information check out this Wikipedia link,  Goliath Tracked Mine and photos here.

Gort – Alien android in the film ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ (1951). The film was remade in 2008 with a CGI Gort.

Standing 2.5 metres high, Gort is an intergalactic, indestructible, humanoid peacemaker with a beam weapon under its visor; Gort, apparently,  is quite capable of destroying the Earth!. Lock Martin was the actor who played Gort in the 1951 film.

In the 2008 version, Gort is created using CGI and is made of nano-bots which can self-replicate by consuming matter and energy.

For more information see Wikipedia entries for Gort, the film
and on YouTube.

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