Robots Beginning with H

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Robots Beginning with HHektor – A headless psychopathic cyborg from the sci-fi film ‘Saturn 3’ produced by Incorporated Television Company 1980.

Two romantically involved hydroponics scientists are producing food on one of Saturn’s moons. A madman called Benson assembles a Demi-God Series cyborg named Hektor, to increase output.

Hektor has an organic brain made from multiple human foetus.
After linking with Hektor to educate it in basic functions, the robot takes on Bensons ‘lunacy’ and lust for one of the scientists. The first victim is a small dog who becomes a small furry pizza under Hektors tread. Then Hektor kills a scientist, rips of his head and uses it for its own head!! (this is one scary film).

For further information on the film ‘Saturn 3’ visit   Wikipedia

In Greek mythology, Hektor (or Hector) was a Trojan hero who fought for Troy in the Trojan War.

Hel – From the classic book, movie/film ‘Metropolis’ – by Fritz Lang.

Hel was the name of Joh Fredersens wife who died in childbirth. A mad scientist known as Rotwang who lost Hel to Joh Fredersen created a robot to be the likeness of Hel, however Fredersen the ruler of Metropolis commanded that Rotwang change the likeness to that of Maria, a spiritual leader of the workers to sabotage any revolt. However, the robot ‘Maria‘ has the opposite effect and creates a revolution.

Incidentally, Hel is also a goddess in Norse mythology who rules Heleim, the underworld and is the indifferent daughter of Loki.

HOAP robots – (Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform). HOAP robots are small, lightweight, humanoid robots, developed as research platforms by Fujitsu.





HOAP-1 appeared in September 2001 and HOAP-2 in 2003. Both early models where tethered (to a PC), whereas HOAP-3, introduced in 2005, had articulated fingers and uses a LINUX based integrated processor.

More information can be found here:  Fujitsu Spec PDF  and in  Wikipedia

Honda Robots – Honda engineers began robotic research in 1986, developing robotic legs that simulate human walking. See E series (E0 to E6) robots.
Head and arms where added to give us the  P series (P1 to P4).
The present day android platform is Asimo, first developed in 2000.
HRP Series Robots (sometimes referred to as Promet robots) – Developed from the Honda-P3 platform by Kawada Industries of Japan.







The project is called the Humanoid Robotics Project (HRP) for the development of general domestic helper robots.
HRP-1 was developed in 1997, through to HRP-4 in 2010. Wikipedia.
HRP-4C is the female looking android, called a Gynoid rather than an Android.
For more information visit Mechatronics at the Kawada Industries website.

Huey (drone 2) – is one of six service robots, called ‘drones’, aboard a specially adapted spaceship called Valley Forge in the 1972 cult sci-fi film, Silent Running.
Silent Running on Wikipedia

Other notable drones in the film where Dewey (drone 1) and Louie (drone 3). The three drones are named after Donald Duck’s nephews, Huey, Louie and Dewey.

Mark Persons played Huey.

Make your own Drones thanks to Shunichi Makino of SF Papercraft website.
Destiny Models UK, offer resin kits (see picture above).

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Robots Beginning with H


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