Robots Beginning with K

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Robots Beginning with KK-9 – appeared many times in the UK BBC TV series ‘Dr Who’.
The robotic (remote controlled) dog was designed by Tony Harding and constructed by the BBC Visual Effects Department.
K-9 first appeared in the episode ‘The Invisible Enemy’ 8 Oct. 1977, as a robotic dog made by Professor Marius to replace his real dog left on earth on Earth. The professor offers K-9 to the Doctor since he is unable to return to earth with the robotic dog due to luggage limits!
There have been three K-9s:
K-9 Mk I stayed with Leela on Gallifrey; Dr Who’s home planet.
K-9 Mk II constructed by the Doctor, remained in E-Space with Romana.
K-9 Mk III was a gift from the Doctor to Sarah Jane Smith.K-9 was voiced by John Leeson.
kirobo Kirobo – The world’s first talking robot to be sent into space! Kirobo blasted off for the International Space Station (ISS) on 9 August 2013 on a 18 month mission for the Japanese space agency JAXA.Kirobo stands just 34cm high and was created by Tomotaka Takahashi.
This cute robot has been designed as a robot-human counsellor/companion for the Japanese ISS commander Kochi Wakata.
Kirobo was modelled after ‘Astro Boy’ and has a twin on earth called Mirata.
And, of course, Kirobo, being a PR robot, has his own twitter feed.Watch him float about on Youtube.Kirobo went quite in May 2014, apparently having a good rest and not returning to earth just yet.
Kraftwerk ‘The Robots‘  an original track on the Man-Machine album. The Robots Cover album was released in 1991.
Kraftwerk performed the track dressed as the robots.
Kronos - Ravager of PlanetsKronos – from the B-movie ‘Kronos: Ravager of Planets’, (1957).

An alien race has used all its energy resources and sends a robot scout to earth to absorb as much energy as possible and return! Leading to the possibility of even more visiting poor Earth.

A somewhat angular Kronos eventually attacks Los Angeles and starts to grow larger as it absorbs the energy from a hydrogen bomb! Earth scientists eventually attack with a rare element…

In Greek mythology, Kronos overthrew his father and ruled the first Titans during the ‘Golden Age’, until he was overthrown by his own son Zeus.

KrytenKryten – A service mechanoid acting as a robot butler. From the BBC comedy TV series ‘Red Dwarf’ written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

Dave Lister teaches Kryten how to break his programming and become a bit of a rebel.
Kryten is by far the funniest android you will ever meet. Kryten was first played by David Ross and subsequently by Robert Llewellyn. Other robots that appeared in Red Dwarf are:
Skutters – semi-intelligent cleaning and maintenance robots who are mischievous towards the crew.
Talkie Toaster – An intelligent toaster that’s totally obsessed with, well, toast. “I am a toaster it is my raison d’être; I toast therefore I am”. YouTube
The Revolving Toilet – A semi-intelligent robotic revolving toilet!
Hudzen-10 – A (temporary) replacement for Kryten who subsequently tried to kill the crew.

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Robots Beginning with K


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