Robots Beginning with M

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Robots Beginning with MMack – Repair robot from the US TV animation ‘The Jetsons’.  Produced by the Hanna-Barbera studios and broadcast circa 1962 and 1985.
Mack is an assistant robot put together with spare parts by Henry Orbit and cannot speak.
In the episode ‘Wedding Bells for Rosie’, Mack doesn’t appear to have his Basic Electro Bionic Operations Permit (BEBOP)! and faces meltdown by the department of Weights, Measures and Robots. His only option is to marry a certified BEBOPer like Rosie
Magical Amazing RobotMagic Robot Quiz game – A children’s board game invented in 1935 by Gosta Lars Knutsson; a Swedish game designer and writer.
Ask a question by placing the robot into the question ring and rotate to the required question. Remove the robot and place it in the answer ring, whereupon the robot magically rotates and points to the correct answer! Spoiler – The question ring and answer rings have a fixed bar magnet at their centres. The robot’s plinth is keyed to fit only one way into the question ring. As the robot is rotated to a question, a fixed magnet under its feet is given an offset relative to its plinth. The answer ring allows the robot to rotate freely and align with the bar magnet beneath its centre and, of course, point to the answer – simple.
Magog – One of two robots controlled by a supercomputer in the film ‘Gog’ (1954).Scientists working on induced hibernation for space travel are killed.
Security agent Sheppard arrives at the secret underground space research base to investigate possible sabotage.
He finds that the whole base is controlled by a supercomputer called NOVAC (Nuclear Operative Variable Automatic Computer) and its robots – Gog and Magog.Incidentally, ‘Gog’ and ‘Magog’ are mentioned in the bible; (Ezekiel’s visions 38:10-12); “There would be an evil king named Gog who ruled over a northern territory called Magog…”.For more infromation on the film visit  Wikipedia
Maria Robot – From the classic book by Fritz Lang and his 1927 movie/film ‘Metropolis’ – .In the book, Rotwang the inventor of the robots, convinces Joh Fredersen, Master of Metropolis, that robots are the future for the city; a promise of workers who will never tire or revolt.
Rotwang creates a strikingly beautiful but ultimately evil robot to be called Hel, a woman he loved but lost to Joh Fredersen. Rotwang exclaimed, “All it is missing is a soul!”…However, Joh Fredersen commands the mad Rotwang to give the robot the likeness of Maria, a spiritual leader among the workers.Further reading here.There is a statue of the Maria robot in Filmpark Babelsberg near Berlin, Germany; where the film was made.
mark1Mark 1 – From the film ‘Mother Riley Meets the Vampire. A 1952 UK comedy (B-movie). re-released in 1963 as ‘My Son, The Vampire’. A mad scientist known as Von Housen (the Vampire!) creates a 6 foot tall, Uranium powered robot called Mark 1, the first of a planned 50,000 robots to enable his dream of World domination. The robot mistakenly gets delivered to Mother Riley… Watch the film on Youtube
Marvin – The Paranoid Android..
From ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ a  UK TV series developed from the books – ‘The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ & ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe’  by Douglas Adams.Marvin was built by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation and advertised as “Your plastic pal that’s fun to be with”; However having lived millions of years, he’s become a little depressed! Quote “The best conversation I had was over forty million years ago………… And that was with a coffee machine.”  Link:
Maximillian  From Walt Disneys ‘The Black Hole’Maximillian is a menacing red robot that floats around doing Dr. Reinhardt’s bidding. Rotating blades for fingers and and an evil (red) eye makes him a little scary.
Mecha Piloted robots generally found in Japanese anime, various ‘Mechas’ are portrayed, from bipedal exoskeletons to tracked tanks and ‘walkers’. Mechas are generally fighting machines.More information from Wikipedia.
Metal Mickey   UK Children’s TV character (London Weekend Television and ITV)Metal Mickey  was created, controlled and voiced by John Edward for a TV show called The Saturday Banana in 1979 and achieved his own comedy show in 1980 – 83 with Irene Handl. Some of the shows episodes were produced by Micky Dolenz (formerly of  the Monkees TV pop group).In the show Metal Mickey was built by a young lad called ‘Brain Box’. Mickey now a member of the family used to sing and dance and often said “Boogie Boogie”. Mickey referred to the Grandmother (Irene Handl) as “My little fruitbat”.The shows opening song went something like this:
Ready steady are you set for Metal Mickeeeeeeeey.
He’s the cutest robot yet, he’s Metal Mickey.
He’s a lot of fun.
He weighs a half a ton.
He’ll be your number one.
So look out-look out, its Metal Mickey” –
(thanks to Joni Biggs for song info)
Link: John Edwards has a web site rich in Metal Mickey pics and info

MSE-6 Repair Droid – From the Star Wars universe. MSE-6 is often referred to as the Mouse droid.

A to Z of Robots - MuffitMuffit II – From the US sci-fi TV series, ‘Battlestar Galactica’. Created by Glen A. Larson, 1978.A robot daggit (dog) constructed by fighter pilot Apollo for a little boy called Boxey when his own dog was destroyed by the Cylons in the pilot episode.Muffit II actually played by a trained chimp named Evolution (Evie).The main protagonists in the series of TV, films and books is of course the Cylons.

Muranian Robot   Film/serialization – ‘The Phantom Empire’ 1936 Republic Pictures.
The Phantom Empire was shown in half hour instalments at matinee cinemas, starring Gene Autry as a singing cowboy who stumbles on a corrupt Muranian technocratic civilization beneath his ranch?The Muranian Queen Tika declares: “We of Murania are technologically advanced. Our minds are superior, our lives are serene. We must capture Gene Autry!”.
A to Z of Robots
Robots Beginning with M


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