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 Q - AnimatronQ – One of the earliest robots in film, starred alongside Harry Houdini in the 1920 silent film serial called ‘Le Maitre du Mystere’ (The Master Mystery), made in France by Studio Pathe.

Houdini played the part of secret agent Quentin Locke who fought against a criminal corporation. Q otherwise known as “Automation” was the corporation’s evil robot body guard, initially introduced lurking in a cavern beneath Brentrock!

You can watch all the episodes on Youtube.

QRIO (Quest for cuRIOsity)A cute humanoid entertainment robot developed as a successor to Sony’s AIBO toy by Sony Intelligence Dynamics Laboratory, Inc.

QRIO stands approximately 0.6m tall and weighed 7.3 kg.

QRIO was developed from the Sony Dream Robot prototypes: SDR-3X in 2000, SDR-4X in 2002 and SDR-4XII in 2003.
Unfortunately, Sony announced the discontinuation of the project in 2006.

Sony Robots timeline.

 A to Z of Robots Robots Beginning with QQuarks   From the UK BBC TV series Dr Who y
The Quarks appeared in episode 1 of season 6, August 1968.  The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) and his companions, Zoe and Jamie,  arrive on the planet Dulkis to discover that it has been invaded by an evil race called the Dominators who use their robot servants, the Quarks to destroy  peace-loving planets using nuclear devices.

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