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A to Z of Robots - Robots Beginning with RR2-D2   Astromech droid from the Star Wars universe.
Astromech droids are produced by the Industrial Automation (AI) corporation. R2-D2 is best buddy to C3-P0 and perhaps the most famous of the many droids featured in Star Wars.
Artwork by Mike Verta.R2-D2 and C3-PO had a cartoon TV show of their own in the 80’s. (YouTube).
Ralph – A pushy, gym attendant robot from the US TV animation ‘The Jetsons’.  Produced by the Hanna-Barbera studios and broadcast circa 1962 and 1985.Ralph appeared in series 2 episode 36 – ‘Robot’s Revenge’.
Essentially George Jetson refuses to tip Ralph, so the robot abuses George at the gym. Ralph loses his job and in a furious state, issues a code ‘red’ to all robots. This causes all robots to seek out George and make his life a mechanical hell.
The moral of the story is “be nice to machines or else”!
R.E.M – From the TV series Logan’s Run 1977/78.
The TV series was based on the 1977 film Logan’s Run, which did not actually feature R.E.M.R.E.M was a two hundred year old, know-it-all, android who rescued Jessica and Logan from a city of robots in the first TV episode of Logan’s Run. R.E.M attached himself to the couple and was seen in every subsequent episode!

The unnamed city robots featured in the first episode.

R.O.B.R.O.B. – (Robotic Operating Buddy) was launched in 1985 as a game accessory/helper for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment system) console. Only two games, ‘Gyromite’ and ‘Stack-up’ were produced.R.O.B. received commands via optical flashes on the TV screen of the day, a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), at which R.O.B. avidly stared.
R.O.B. stood 24 cm tall and needed four AA batteries to perform head and arm movements.See NES Wiki for more info.
robert2Robert the Robot – from the UK sci-fi puppet TV series ‘Fireball XL5’ (1962)  – produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.
Robert is a transparent robot invented by Professor Matthew Matic, showing internal discs, springs and lights.
Robert the robot was Colonel Steve Zodiac’s co-pilot aboard the Fireball XL5 spaceship.
Robert obeyed orders and spoke, saying such things as “On our way home” and  “Full power”.
Gerry Anderson himself performed the voice-over for the robot, the only one I believe, he has ever done.
I’m considering constructing Robert in clear resin, but do need a few pictures or even the plans; can anyone help?
Robby the Robot – from the Classic sci-fi film ‘Forbidden Planet’(1956) and TV (1960s) ‘Robby, the Robot’ and ‘Forbidden Planet’ are © 1997 Turner Entertainment Co. a Time Warner Company.Very famous film robot indeed – The story goes…..
Professor Morbius a fugitive super scientist is using a super strong Robot called Robby which he found whilst exploring Altair IV (the Forbidden planet). Robby can speak 187 languages and contains a bio-chemical laboratory able to produce absolutely anything.A survey mission from earth finds Professor Morbius  and his daughter, Altaira  alive and well, but all is not as it seems……..
Good link:
Robby also appeared in ‘The Invisible Boy’ MGM 1957
RoboCop – Cybernetic crime fighter in the film RoboCop by Orion Pictures released in 1987. Peter Weller played the police officer who was turned into RoboCop.
RoboCop was developed along with ED-209 as law enforcement ‘units’. ED-209, the true robot went berserk, luckily our cyborg hero defeated it.RoboCop also fought the ninja sword wielding ‘Otomo’ android in the third film.RoboCop is not a robot but I’ve included him here for those who think he might be!See ED-209 for more information and links.
See Otomo for more information.
PrestonRobo Dog – From the 1995 Wallace and Gromit animated film ‘A Close Shave’ .
Robo Dog is the infamous sheep rustling mechanical dog called Preston who framed Gromit but ultimately came to a shredded end!
Shown is a 75mm ‘key ring’ model.
RobonautRobonaut – Is an ongoing project by General Motors and NASA to put humanoid robots in space for exploration and maintenance.Robonaut 2 was launched up to the International Space Station (ISS) on February 24th, 2011.Video
Robots – The animated film
Robot WarsRobot Wars® – Originally conceived by Marc Thorpe (US) in 1992, with the first competition taking place in 1994. Since that time the concept has travelled to many countries.In the UK the BBC stage televised Robot Wars with ‘house robots’ enforcing some of the rules or just joining in for the kill. Many of the contestants have web sites featuring their robots.Robot Wars Wiki
RommieRommie – From the sci-fi TV series ‘Andromeda’, created by Gene Roddenberry and produced by Tribune Entertainment.In the series, the Starship Andromeda Ascendant (XMC-10-284), is a sentient being through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The ship can communicate using voice, video, an hologram and as an avatar. The avatar is an android, built by geek technician Seamus Harper in the form of a desirable, super strong, almost indestructible female, known as  Rommie (played by Lexa Doig).Rommie, like the ship she is a part of, is totally loyal to her captain, Dylan Hunt.  Andromeda Wiki
Rosie – The house robot from the US TV animation ‘The Jetsons’. Produced by the Hanna-Barbera studios and broadcast circa 1962 and 1985. Rosie was voiced by Jean Vander Pyl.Rosie is an out-dated XB-500 demonstration model with a lot of mileage. A humanoid house femobot who runs around on a single leg with castors.
She is housekeeper and maid to the Jetson family in the year 2062.In series 3 episode 7, Rosie comes very close to marrying her boyfriend, a robot called ‘Mack’.
R.U.RR-U-R – Rossum’s Universal Robots – A Play by Karel Capek – 1920.”CHEAP LABOR. ROSSUM’S ROBOTS.”
An historic play about man and his machines. The play introduced the Czech word ‘robot’ into the world’s languages.Robot characters used in the play – Damon, Marius, Sulla, Radius, Helena and Primus.
Ruk – An alien android created by the ‘Old Ones’, in the original StarTrek TV show, episode ‘What are Little Girls Made of?’.Ruk was discovered on the planet Exo III by archaeologist Dr Korby who went on to use the production facilities on the planet to produce other androids, such as ‘Andrea‘ a female android (gynoid) also shown in the picture.In the episode Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise find Dr Korby and uncover a plot to secretly place androids in federation society. Ruk eventually remembers that the androids usurped their masters, the ‘Old Ones’ long ago and decides to destroy Kirk, Corby and all…A good resource of anything StarTrek is Memory Alpha Wiki.
A to Z of Robots
Robots Beginning with R


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