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Robots Beginning with AABC Warriors – The Atomic Bacterial Chemical Warriors first appeared in the short lived, UK comic, Starlord in 1978, under the title Ro-Busters. The motley Ro-Buster robots were used as a hit squad to handle world threatening events.
Starlord eventually merged with its sister comic, 2000AD.The Earlier War ‘droids’ were programmed to kill everything! However, unacceptable civilian losses drove the development of the MK3 droids; programmed to kill just the enemy but unfortunately the ABC Warriors were emotionally crippled.
The ABC robots destined to fight a never ending war include:
Hammerstein – An old war droid, humanoid in form and leader of the ABC warriors, his right ‘hand’ is the combat hammer that gives him his name.Joe Pineapples. A cool killer. ‘The ultimate assassin’.

Joe Pineapples –  is Hammersteins’ longest-serving comrade. Joe was built as an assassin and is a sniper without equal. Joe is a womaniser and has a secret fetish for wearing women’s underwear. The one thing Joe truly loves is himself!

Mongrol – The immensely strong metal Ape resurrected by Lara. who salvaged his head and built him a new body with other robot parts.

Deadlock – A Grand Wizard of the Knights Martial and possessor of mystical powers who became an agent of the Khaos religion.

Blackblood – Ex-General of the Straw Dogs (enemy robots). A master tactician and interrogator, his skills also extend to treachery and betrayal. It is rumoured that Blackblood drank the oil of dead ABC Warriors.

Mek-Quake – A dumb and cowardly former demolition droid in the form of a killer bulldozer who just likes to destroy things.

Steelhorn – Built as an handsome elite droid from indestructible metals. Steelhorn was infected by a virus and massacred both civilians and warriors before being melted down into the Mess. Eventually resurrected as Steelhorn by medusa.

Ro-Jaws – Alias FRED-2L ‘the  lord of rebellion’. An ex-sewer droid who sufferers from faulty language and obedience circuits and loves refuse!

Other members that have (at some point) been killed in action are:
Happy Shrapnel, Hitaki, Mad Ronn, Morrigun, Morrigun, Zippo.

AiboAIBO –  Artificial Intelligence roBOt, designed and manufactured by Sony and introduced in 1999.AIBO can walk, see it’s environment and recognize spoken commands. Added software, called AIBOware, allowed the robot to learn.Three generations of AIBO models where sold by Sony before being discontinued in 2006.
First generation released in 1999:

  • ERS-110 in silver and the ERS-111 in silver and black.

Second generation released between 2001 and 2003:

  • ERS-210 and 210A in many colours.
  • ERS-220 in silver.
  • ERS-311 and 311B in cream.
  • ERS-312 in black.
  • ERS-31L in brown.

Third Generation released between 2003 and 2005:

  • ERS-7 in white. ERS-7M2 in white and black. and finally ERS-7M3 in white, black, and champagne gold.

A good site for all things AIBO is here

Ruk and Andrea Andrea – A female, alien android (gynoid) in the original StarTrek TV show, episode ‘What are Little Girls Made of?’.Andrea was created on the planet Exo III by Dr Korby using the ‘Old Ones’ technology and with a little help from ‘Ruk‘.Captain Kirk confused the poor gynoid with a kiss, causing Dr Korby to destroy himself and Andrea with a phaser!

A good resource of anything StarTrek is Memory Alpha Wiki.

Andrew MartinAndrew Martin – A positronic robot butler who becomes sentient and therefore unique, in a short story by Isaac Asimov entitled ‘Bicentennial Man’ (1976).
The story was subsequently turned into a novel called ‘The Positronic Man’ by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg in 1993. The story formed the basis of a film entitled the Bicentennial Man’, released in 1999.
robots beginning a ArchieArchie or Robot Archie – Featured in the ‘Lion’, a UK comic first printed in 1952.The first Lion comics featured Archie as the ‘The Jungle Robot’. The story line disappeared for several years, before re-emerging with the title ‘Archie’ in 1957.
Archie was the idea of writer E. George Cowan and was illustrated by Ted Kearon.
In the comic strip, Archie, the giant mechanical marvel, was built by Professor Ritchie.

The adventures involved the professors nephew, Ted Richie and Ted’s best friend, Ken Dale. Ted controlled Archie’s every movement from a radio transmitter slung from his neck.

Archie also appeared in a special edition of 2000AD.

robots beginning aAsh – An android/synthetic human  from the 1979 sci-fi  film ‘Alien’.Unbeknown to the crew of the Nostromo spaceship, the science officer (Ash) is an Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android created for Weyland-Yutani and is acting on secret company orders to “Bring back alien life forms; Crew expendable”.
In consequence Ash puts the crew into jeopardy by allowing an alien life-form aboard.
Eventually, what’s left of the crew turn on Ash and try to kill him by bludgeoning. When that doesn’t work they decapitated him, and when that didn’t work, they electrocuted him!
Ash’s decapitated head is reactivated by the crew to find out the truth of the mission.
The androids head is finally melted down by crewman Parker.The name Hyperdyne Systems has overtones of the defence firm Cyberdyne Systems who created Skynet in the film Terminator.
AsimoAsimo – Advanced Step in Innovative MObility.A walking, running, climbing, grasping robot developed by Honda in 2000.
The 2005 version of Asimo weighs 54Kg, stands 130cm tall and can walk for 1 hour on its 51.8v battery.Asimo is the culmination of over 20 years research by honda, starting with the E series in 1986 and the P series in 1993. For more information, visit Wikipedia.

Asimo also has his/her/it’s own website, give it a visit.
And you can make your own official Papercraft model.

ASP ASP Series Droids – From the ‘Star Wars’ universe.ASP droids where manufactured by Industrial Automaton.
Known ASP variants are:
ASP-4    A hunting droid.
ASP-7    A utilitarian labour droid
ASP-19  A battle droid used for lightsaber training.See Star Wars Wiki.
AstroboyAstro Boy – a Japanese comic book and TV cartoon character circa 1952 to 1968 and a film in 2009. © Tezuka Productions.In this manga series, Astro Boy is a robot constructed by Dr Tenmato to replace his son Toby, who died in a car crash. Dr Tenmato gives Astro superior powers and a human heart but eventually rejects Astro boy and sells him to a circus!Astro boy is found by Professor Ochanomizu and taken into his care, whereupon Astro boy is depicted fighting crime, evil, and injustice; usually against robot-hating humans, robots gone berserk, or alien invaders.

See Astro boy Wiki  and animedepot for desktop wallpaper.

Audi RobotAudie robot Audi Robots – A TV advert for the Audi A4. Produced by Agosto,a Spanish production company.The advert featured two robots: one low tech looking but physical and radio controlled and the other, high tech looking created using CGI.The making of the Audi Robot advert is available on YouTube (part Spanish, part English).
Autobots – From the ‘Transformers’ universe of Toys, TV, comics, books and film.
Autobots are the good faction of Transformers from the planet Cybertron. Their leader is called Optimus Prime.Autobots can transform into cars, boats, planes and even construction vehicles.
The arch enemies of the Autobots are the Decepticons (bad Transformers). Although all Transformers where originally created equal by Primus, a god like original robot.

Transformers first appeared as toys in the 1980s. The toys could be physically reconfigured from robot to vehicle such as cars, planes and trucks.

There are many generations of Transformers, so for more information visit this Wikipedia link.
Another good resource is Transformers World.

Personal unitAutomated Personnel Unit 3947 – An alien android in StarTrek Voyager TV series.Automated Personnel Units like 3947 were built during a war between the Pralor and the Cravic. Both sides androids ultimately destroyed their makers (a theme that crops up all to often with sci-fi robots); The war continues as a fully robotic war!In the StarTrek Voyager episode called ‘Prototype‘, an almost lifeless android is found floating in space. The so called Automated Unit is eventually powered up with diluted warp plasma! (I need some of that). The Unit captures B’Elanna Torres by transporting her to a newly arrived Pralor Starship full of automated units, and tries to coerce her into creating a ‘prototype’ unit since they have failed to do so.
A Cravic ship arrives full of automated units and a battle ensues…

More information on Automated Personnel Unit 3947can be found at Memory Alpha Wiki

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