Robots Beginning I

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Inspector GadgetInspector Gadget – A bungling cyborg police inspector featured in the animated TV series by the same name. 1983-1986.
A live characters comedy film was produced in 1999, followed by ‘Inspector Gadget 2’ video in 2003.This likeable cyborg has bionic implants of every gadget imaginable and activates them by uttering the words “Go-Go-Gadget” then the gadget’s name.Image from ‘Home Theater Backdrops‘.
iRobot – A US manufacturer of robots, founded in 1990 as ‘IS Robotics’.
Visit their Homepage.
Robots include:
     Roomba series –  Vacuum cleaning robots.
     RP-VITA – A Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant.
Scooba – A floor cleaning robot.
     Government and Industrial Robots – Used in Exploration, Military and Civil Defence.
For pictures and videos see Ground and Maritime Robots.
Iron Giant - Robots Beginning IIron Giant – A rather large, self-repairing alien robot in the animated film ‘The Iron Giant’ (1999) which was loosely based on the novel The Iron Man written by Ted Hughes (1968).An alien robot crash lands in the USA. leaving a trail of destruction. A small boy called Hogarth befriends the robot and helps it understand its actions. A nasty military person fires a nuclear missile at the Iron Giant, not caring that people will be destroyed too. The robot intercepts the missile and saves the townsfolk by sacrificing itself; the robot is destroyed and everyone is sad. Hogarth has a single bolt from the Iron Giant and sends it to the robot’s scrap remains, and of course, the robot can self-repair:-)
A to Z of Robots
Robots Beginning I


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