Robots Beginning J

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batteries not included kids - robots beginning JJetsom – One of three cute little offspring of the ‘Fix its’ in the film ‘Batteries Not Included’, 1987.Kids from left to right are: Jetsom Wheems and Flotsom.The picture of the ‘kids’ is copyright of MT Meyer Studio.
Jetson’s  Robots – From the US TV animation ‘The Jetsons’ produced by the Hanna-Barbera studios and broadcast circa 1962 and 1985.The Jetson family live in the future and are literally surrounded by robots.
Notable episode robots include:
Mack – A robot assistant to Henry Orbit the repair man.
Ralph –  an effeminate, tip focused, robot gym attendant.
Rosie –  The much loved housemaid fembot.
Johnny Five – From the 1988 films – ‘Short Circuit’ and ‘Short Circuit 2’ Columbia Pictures.
Johnny Five was one of a group of military robots. However only Johnny Five became ‘alive’ after having an almighty shock from a lightening bolt.
A young lady called Stephanie Speck befriends Johnny Five and helps the robot evade capture and eventually convince its creators it is sentient.Tim Blaney provided the voice of Johnny Five.
juliana tainer - robots beginning JJuliana Tainer – A female android (gynoid) from the StarTrek universe.Dr. Juliana Tainer (played by Fionnula Flanagan) first appeared in StarTrek Next Generation – ‘Inheritance’ (1996).
Dr. Noonian Soong created a replica android of his wife when she lay in a coma about to die, transfering her memories and personality into the positronic brain.The Starship Enterpise is called to the planet Atrea IV to help solve a crisis. During a meeting Dr Juliana Tainer reveals that she helped Dr Soong create Data, Lore and B-4.

Data discovers Juliana is an android when an accident severs her arm; However, Juliana is actually unaware that she is an android. Data decides not reveal the truth to his mother.

More information on Data’s mum can be found at Memory Alpha Wiki

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Robots Beginning J


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