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Scutters – From the UK Red Dwarf TV series
Scutters are general ‘dogs bodies’ used for work around the mining ship Red Dwarf.
A to Z of Robots - Robots Beginning with SSDR-4X – A rather pretty, round-eyed  humanoid robot from Sony Corp. First shown at ROBODEX 2002. 
This 23-inch tall robot  has sensors on the bottom of its feet to help it walk on uneven surfaces such as carpeting and has been programmed to tumble without falling apart and then get up on its own.
It has two cameras to see and includes the ability to tell the difference between the edge of a table and the patterns on the floor. The robot can be programmed to recognize 10 people through their faces, stored as digital images shot with its camera, and their voices, picked up through seven microphones. It also will remember their names!
And, of course, these robots can dance – YouTube
Technical specifications here.
Simon from Tomb RaiderSIMON – The 6 limbed training robot featured in the opening sequence of ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ a 2001 film directed by Simon West.
The combat scene took place in Lara’s practice arena at her home.

What did SIMON stand for, if anything and is there a better picture out there please?


Sojourner – The Mars Micro-rover placed, “two small (back) wheels for robots, another giant leap for mankind”, on Martian soil July 4th 1997- deceased September 27th 1997.The rover was delivered onto a rather rocky area of Mars using parachutes and airbags, following a seven month cruise on the Pathfinder spacecraft.

Sojourner sent truly stunning pictures of the Martian surface. Perhaps one day little Sojourner will be found and brought back to earth.
(On a sombre note; Perhaps it will be our robots that leave the solar system and inherit the galaxy, not us.)

Sojourner is 63cm long by 48cm wide and weighed about 11kg on Earth (about 4kg on Mars). The little rover can move at a speed of up to 0.6 metres per minute.

NASA site for the Micro-rover

Sonny – from the film ‘I, Robot’.Based on a script by Jeff Vintar entitled ‘Hardwired’, reworked  by Akiva Goldsman who took the title ‘I, Robot’, the three laws of robotics and the roboticist characters of Alfred Lanning and Dr Susan Calvin, from Isaac Asimov’s collection of short stories – (I, Robot and the Rest of the Robots).

The film is set In the year 2035, where a detective Del Spooner (played by Will Smith) as an abnormal distrust of robots (robophobic!). A ‘US Robotics’ scientist has apparently committed suicide, which coincides with the launch of a new range of robots; called NS5s.

Del refuses to believe this is a suicide and follows a trail of clues to a robot called Sonny, who appears, and indeed turns out to be, different to all the other NS5s.
Despite being pursued by Del, Sonny actually saves humanity (well Chicago) from the robotic brain that is actually controlling the vast army of NS5s. The brain is destroyed and the film poorly finishes with the notion that Sonny is some kind of messiah to all the rest of the robots.
(I am convinced that Isaac Asimov turned in his grave, at this depiction of a future robot world.)
(In the series of short stories by Asimov, Susan Calvin was a plain looking, older, brilliant robot psychologist).

sparkoSparko – A mechanical dog created by J.M Barnett of Westinghouse Electric Corporation.
Sparko appeared alongside ‘Elektro‘ at the 1940 New York Worlds Fair.Sparko was modelled after a Scottie dog called ‘Bonnie’. This mechanical hound dog could walk, bark, sit, beg and wag its tail. Inside Sparko
StarTrek Robots – There are surprisingly few robots seen in the StarTrek universe, considering its set in the future.
Here is a list of episode robots and androids I’ve managed to find:
Automated Unit 3947– An alien android in StarTrek Voyager.
Captain Proton Robot – From the Holodeck novel by Voyager crew member Tom Paris.
B-4 – A semi sentient positronic android in StarTrek Next Generation.
Data – A sentient positronic android in StarTrek Next Generation.
Juliana Tainer – An android version of Dr Soong’s deceased wife.
Lal – A sentient positronic female android in StarTrek Next Generation.
StarTrek Next Generation.
Ruk – Alien android built by the ‘old ones’ in the original StarTrek TV series.
AndreaGynoid created by Dr Roger Korby in the original StarTrek TV series.
Stepford WivesThe Stepford Wives – From the book by Ira Levin (1972) and cult film by the same name (1975).”Hey guys! Is your wife running that big mouth of hers too much? Or not keeping up with the cooking and cleaning? Maybe she’s thinking about a (gasp!) career?? Well, I’m happy to say your troubles are over. Just relocate to the nice town of Stepford, Connecticut, not too far outside of New York City. There your wife will learn her proper place”.

‘Stepford Wives’ explores the possibilities (and consequences) of a conspiracy among the town’s husbands and scientists to replace all the wives with conforming, duplicate gynoids.
(In the film I loved the phrase “She cooks as good as she looks, Ted”).

Films that took on the ‘Stepford’ theme:
The Revenge of the Stepford Wives (TV, 1980),
The Stepford Children (TV, 1987), and
The Stepford Husbands (TV, 1996) Whooops!
The Stepford Wives remake (2004). Not so good comedy I’m afraid.

A to Z of Robots
Robots Beginning with S


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