Robots Beginning with V

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venutian_robotVenutian Robots – From the film ‘Target Earth’, circa 1954.

Alien robot(s) from Venus invade Chicago and use death ray from a single “eye”. (Like a much more famous Gort, 1951).

A to Z of Robots - Robots Beginning with V V.I.N.CENT – (Vital Information Necessary CENTralized) A friendly robot from the Walt Disney film The Black Hole.

An MPC model kit build of V.I.N.CENT is featured here.

A to Z of Robots - VolkitesVolkite Robots – Appeared in the 1936 serialized film and TV sci-fi ‘Undersea Kingdom’.Volkites (what a cool name) are Unga Khan’s robot minions. Unga Khan is in a battle to take over Atlantis and ultimately conquer the upper world in this Flash Gordon like, serialization.
A to Z of Robots
Robots Beginning with V


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