Robots Beginning with W

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A to Z of Robots - Robots Beginning with WWheems – One of three little offspring of the ‘Fix its’, in the sci-fi film ‘Batteries Not Included’, 1987.Kids from left to right are: Jetsom, Wheems and Flotsom.

The picture of the ‘kids’ is copyright of MT Meyer Studio.

Wall-e and EveWall-E Robots – featured in the Disney Pixar animated sci-fi film ‘Wall-E’, 2008.Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is an inquisitive but lonely robot, left to tidy up a badly abused and lifeless earth, whilst humanity is vegetating on starliners awaiting news that they may return to earth.

The ‘Axiom’ starliner sends an advanced robot called EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) to earth to check if life has returned to the devastated planet…

The film is chock-full of robots; here are a few more:
BUF-4 – Buffer bot, used to keep the Axiom starliner highly polished.
MO – The Microbe-Obliterator, leads a group of cleaning robots aboard the Axiom starliner.
GO-4 – Oversee security operations and are general gophers aboard the starliner.
VN-Go – A painter robot named after Vincent Van Gogh.
AUTO – Autopilot that tries to stop the humans aboard the Axiom from returning to earth.
L-T – Service lamp robots.
FIX-IT – Maintenance and repair bot.
PR-T – Hairdesser robot aboard the Axiom starliner.
VAQ-M – Vacuum Cleaning robot
HAN-S – Massaging robot.
BRL-A – Umbrella bot required to shade the humans from the sun.

Here is a nice YouTube clip featuring most of the robots in the film.

Papercraft models for you to build.

Official Wall-E site for games and more

Westworld – A 1973 sci-fi thriller filmWestern world is one of three amusement centres within Delos park  that feature lifelike androids and realistic settings; the others are Roman world and Medieval world. Two men pay $1,000 a day to rob banks, fight in saloons, and even gun down the local sheriff. The  androids are then repaired overnight, ready to be abused the next day; however the system malfunctions allowing the robots to become self aware and out for revenge….
A to Z of Robots
Robots Beginning with W


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