Cool Robot Videos

Cool Robot Videos I would like to share with you, generally discovered during my travels outside of my little microcosm. Some are flash and some are YouTube and some I have preserved in silicon strata, just in case the vast memory capability of the web deletes them. 😎

iDiots – A tale by Big Lazy Robot VFX

Food for thought – iDiots – A tale by Big Lazy Robot VFX

I love the comment on YouTube – “I just took four minutes to watch what I see at school every day.” by thecommentsguyLV.

Smart Trash Bin

Smart Trash Bin – I want one of these!


Boston Dynamics have other robots for you to view.

ESET Security Ad


Football Crazy

Very nice Ad from ESET Smart Security.

Audi A4 Robot

Absolutely Brilliant. The whole advert is shown at the end. I love it so much I’ve embedded it silicon.

Toyota’s violin-playing robot at the Shanghai Expo 2010.


Fun Time at Robo-One Light 2010

Fun time at Robo-One Light, held in Kawasaki, Japan 2010. Check out the spider bot at 1:56.

Transforming Laptop

Stay with it!