Here be posts of cool card models I’ve built and associated links to some great paper craft sites across the web.
Kudos to the guys who design and share so freely their 3D creations with the world!

Papercraft Medieval Flail

P1010159_flailWell, a nephew of mine likes to collect Middle Ages paraphernalia! So I made him a medieval flail out of card – It’s a little safer than the real thing!

Thanks to Sheila on
I suspect the sword will be next!

The term ‘flail’ actually refers to two different weapons: a two-handed infantry weapon derived from an agricultural threshing tool and a one-handed weapon; both involve a separate striking head attached to a handle by a flexible rope, strap, or chain.

Papercraft Happy Teddy Bear

TeddyI made this cute papercraft Teddy Bear as a gift for someone but we liked it so much we adopted him. Sort of surrogacy gone wrong…

His head arms and legs are all rotatable.

Get the Happy Teddy template from Canon Creative Park website. Search for more “bear” and you will be surprised.

Papercraft Model of Yukari Yakumo

Card_Doll This is a papercraft model of Yukari Yakumo, a character from the Japanese Touhou game project; A vertically-scrolling 2D game and card set made by Team Shanghai Alice.

No instructions on the template meant it was a nice 3D puzzle for me to solve. Turned out nice though 🙂

Template from

Scroll to last picture and the zip file is in green below the last paragraph.

Purple Dragon

This dragon was built for a friend of my wife who likes, well, dragons!

Model plans curtsey of

Download  here.

The San Salvador

This is a card model replica of Juan Rodriguez’s flagship, San Salvador.
The model took three months, on and off, to build!
The rigging/ratlines are constructed from black yarn, super glued at the crossings and was particularly time consuming, but great satisfaction once all of the model was completed.
(I cheated a little on the masts, they are wood 🙂

The Maritime Museum of San Diego are building an historically accurate full sized replica of the San Salvador and are offering the 1/100 scale plans completely free.

Read more on the San Salvador project. Note: the free designs are further down the homepage.

US Navy Seal Team Six - PapercraftThis US Navy Seal Team Six card soldier stands about 12cm tall.
The build was a little more involved but worth it. I think it turned out really well.

Make your own, here’s the link Paper Replika US Navy Seal .


AzimoA great little pal for your desk.

Download asimo_hako-clone  PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader ™ required).
The Zipped content is copyright (c) Masamune Washington.

Paper Replika

Paper Replika – I love this site.It’s one of the best for free card models.